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Katheryn Milburn
Third Grade Teacher, TES

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😊 Mrs. Milburn Third Grade 😊

Supply List - Fall 2021

I am looking forward to seeing you when school starts J Here is a list of supplies that you will need when you come to school. The TES website will keep you posted if there will be a supply drop off day or not this year.


There are two types of supplies:

Individual Supplies: Please label ALL items with YOUR NAME - label your coat too! That way it can find its way back to you 😊

  • Refillable, leak-proof water bottle J
  • One pencil box no larger than 10”x6”x3” – (needs to fit in desk, allows space for other items) containing the following items: (please take items out of boxes):
    • Colored pencils and sharpener that catches shavings
    • Black sharpie regular size
    • White board markers and eraser (a sock will do!)
    • 12 Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils
    • Child size Fiskars scissors
    • One set of comfortable ear buds/headphones in a storage case with student name for the computer - Very Important! J


  Community Supplies: Please Do Not Label these items.

One box of Kleenex

  • Last name (A-K) – Large pump hand sanitizer (unscented)
  • Last name (L-Z) – 1 package of baby wipes (unscented)


Please don’t bring in any supplies not on the list. If I find students need any further items, I will send an email to families.

😊 Some supplies will need to be replenished during the year 😊
Thank you so much for supporting your student J


Hello Students and Parents!
I am excited to be your 3rd grade teacher this coming fall J I am already planning for an awesome experience together!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have 2 sons, Luke and Matthew, that went through TSD, graduated from UW and now they both work in Seattle one as a financial analyst and the other as a scientist 😊 I have a wonderful husband Mark and a cute Jack Russell named Sammy. I love walking, yoga and a positive mind set 😊

Parents, if your student that is starting 3rd grade this fall is your oldest, be aware that it will be a big step up in learning – lots of thinking skills will be practiced this year! Please prepare your student by reading with your student or having your student read daily this summer, explain word meanings they do not know to them, and encourage them to ask you about words they do not know the meaning of. This is one fantastic way to increase comprehension – the more words your student understands, the greater their knowledge and ability to write becomes as well - it’s hard to write with a limited vocabulary!

For math, please have your student work on addition, subtraction with multiple digits and begin practicing their multiplication and division facts 1 – 10. We will be doing math fluency timings and the more automatic they can do the multiplication the better they will do in math. It will also help speed up the time they spend on homework as they won’t have to stop and figure out the multiplication before they can go on with the rest of the problem.

I hope you all have a fantastic, family fun-filled summer vacation! See you in the fall 😊


Kathy Milburn

3rd Grade TES


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